Yazh Movie Review

April 23, 2018

Genre: Mystify drama * undergoes the passive experience of emotion, mystery was happening and the flick portrayed about struggling of people in the place of Sri Lanka.

Synopsis: The trio people’s of feelings and their contravention was visualized, The movie “Yazh” compressed about the life of Sri Lankan and they were struggling towards the survival. The film “Yazh” is produced and directed by M.S. Anand, was pictured in Sri Lanka.

The artists Vinoth Kishan, Sashi Subramaniam, Misha Goshal, Leema Babu, the child artist Rakshana, and Veera Santhanam were done in the leading roles. The music is composed by S.N. Arunagiri.

yazh movie review

Story: The story burst out of contending, even keeps rolling on that the people of Sri Lankan’s tolerated with bomb blasting, the director had struggled out with all conflict and he was released out the film.

The story reveals about, in the year of 2006 May month, between 4 PM to 6 PM and in these two hours, the screenplay speaks of three people’s tragedies and it was exposed in a natural way.

The title “Yazh” denotes an instrument, a portion of Sri Lankan people uses Yazh and the spot were addressed as Yalppanam. In the place of Sri Lanka the mournfulness Tamilian were sputtering and they were killed within the two hours and the director M.S. Anand was brought out in a realistic way and projected on screen.

Initially the flick starts with the far-famed of the Yazh instrument and the content track the situation happened years ago, a guy Sasi who sacrifice his love with Misha Ghoshal and he decided to remove the bombs which is buried in the lands.

A lady Leema, who was traversed in her land and travels towards in a direction for her survival and a mother who loses her child and the baby was sticky with a young man Vinoth and for the child he sacrifices the loved one.

The director envisions the whodunit of parents who were missed out of children and the children’s losses their parents and everyone’s pain had been visualized and even the young lovers sacrifices of love and gives pain towards the audience while watching out the film.

Leema a young mother who stuck up with Daniel Balaji and she struggles to protect her born baby and even she burst out that she is helpless to feed the child. These sequels made us to feel whole hearted.

“Yazh” is not a commercial film and it is really struggling a lot among the entertainment movies.

While watching out the film, bomb blasts sound creates terrible and keeps tears rolling down about the situation of people who fight for their life and leads a life span in that circumstance.

Verdict: Sure, goosebump. If we are Tamilian.


Vinoth Kishan

Daniel Balaji

Misha Ghoshal

Sashi Kumar Subramony

Leema Babu

Baby Rakshana


Directed by * M.S. Anand

Produced by * M. S. Anand

Music by * Arunagiri S.N.

Cinematography by * Karruppaiya A.