Kalari Movie Review

August 25, 2018

Actor Krishna had proved in the recent past that he can do any role with conviction. He took his projects with utmost and was not keen on run of the mill stuff.

Now comes Kalari. A movie set in a small Hamlet in Kochi. Directed by Krishna Chand, it speaks about a youngster suffering from anxiety disorder who tries to get his sister married to a right person and ensure her a good future.

kalari movie review

Kalari Review

But the problems that he comes across make up the movie. Vidya Pradeep, M S Baskear, Jayaprakash, Samyuktha play key roles.

Murugesan (Krishna) runs a provisional store. He is keen to find a good guy for his sister Thenmozhi (samyuktha). He suffers from anxiety disorder. Their father M S Baskar is a drunkard and for booze he has other plans for his daughter's wedding.

Meanwhile there is Malavika (Vidya Pradeep) who loves Murugesan. Things go haywire and it is all up to Murugesan to set the house in order.

Krishna plays his part well. He gives right expressions. His body language and dialogue delivery are good. M S Baskar looks the best in the role of a drunkard Vidya Pradeep does chip in well while Jayaprakash excels.

The story is emotional and is more a melodrama. Krishna Chand' s writing is good. He ensures that there is enough twists and turns told in a different way. Interestingly he has not compromised on commercial values.

Kalari English Review

With Krishna and Baskar in right league, Krishna Chand has given his best. When action and crap comedy rule roost, a movie like Kalari is a whiff of fresh air. Krishna Chand makes sure everything in touch and engages audience.

The background score adds to momentum, while the melodrama elements adds strength to the film.

A good watch indeed.

Verdict : Kalari - A gripping tale