Jattu Engineer continues to draw Cine goers even in 3rd week, grosses 312.12 crores!

June 9, 2017

As astounding as it may sound, the 21st Day of the release of movie "Jattu Engineer" helped reach the gross collections to the next level. The gross collections of the comedy flick touched the mark of Rs 312.12 Cr, picking up from 291 cr. on day 19. A grand success Party was held to commemorate thr succecs of this laughter ride on 7th June.

jattu engineer continues to draw cine goers even in 3rd week, grosses 312.12 crores!

The movie, directed by the Father Daughter Duo, Saint Dr Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh ji Insan and Honeypreet Insan has far outreached its counterparts, Half Girlfriend and Hindi Medium, which are nowhere to be seen. Jattu Engineer had crossed the mark of 100 cr in a span of 6 days.

The movie is still running strong and attracting a wide range of audience in India as well as other countries, breaking records of sorts. Dr MSG'S role as Sghaint Singh Sidhu and his team of friends in the movie have been getting accolades from Fans and critics alike.

This comedy roller coaster intertwines some wonderful messages on self sustenance and Cleanliness Campaign, based on which the movie was declared tax free by Haryana Govt and Rajasthan.

Jattu Engineer sets up a new bench Mark in comedy & a tougher standard for others to emulate.

Day Wise Collection Chart:

Day 1 17.1 Cr.

Day 2 35.02 Cr.

Day 3 54.06 Cr.

Day 4 68.13 Cr.

Day 5 83.23 Cr.

Day 6 100.3 Cr.

Day 7 115.34 Cr.

Day 8 130.44 Cr.

Day 9 145.26 Cr.

Day 10 160.28 Cr.

Day 11 175.42 Cr.

Day 12 190.44 Cr.

Day 13 203.48 Cr.

Day 14 219.5 Cr.

Day 15 234.92 Cr.

Day 16 250.98 Cr.

Day 17 267.01 Cr.

Day 18 277.05 Cr.

Day 19 288.07 Cr.

Day 20 300.08 Cr.

Day 21 312.12 Cr.