Dr. MSG ready to tickle your funny bones with his next Instalment: Jattu Engineer

March 22, 2017

The announcement of Dr. MSG’s next Film Jattu Engineer has brought a new wave of wait and excitement among Fans.

As the Fans, await to have some update on Jattu Engineer which is currently in the making, they were pleasantly surprised to see a still of the shooting, that shows a mystery man showing his back with Dr. MSG and Honey Preet Insan directing the scene.


Seems like the entire cast is swearing to this laughter packed roller coaster ride. Fans are glued to Twitter for now, to know this mysterious character, who, seems to have given the team, some serious stomach-ache, albeit with laughter.

The earlier tweet revealing the names of the characters had everyone bursting into tears with laughter. In another incident, this mysterious character lead to such hilarious circumstances that the shot could not be ‘cut’ & entire cast and crew were rolling with laughter.

This was a true treat for the Fans, and the hashtags related to Jattu Engineer are trending, since the Shooting for this Film picked up pace. It’s really amazing how much buzz Jattu Engineer has already garnered while just being in its infancy.

The team is presently shooting in an exclusive village being set up on the outskirts of Sirsa, Haryana. Based on a primitive village, where people are living a very backward and primitive life, the story line aims at educating the masses packed with a liberal dose of laughter and comedy.

Along with that, Saint Dr. MSG brought in the Year by sharing his line-up of films for 2017, which includes this comedy genre on the front façade. Another film ‘Online Gurukul’ is in the post-production phase. While all these developments are on in full scale, Hind Ka Napak Ko Jawab released on 7th feb, is still having a successful run in Cinemas giving the latest releases some tough competition after 5 weeks of its release. HKNKJ is having back to back houseful shows across Haryana, Punjab, Delhi, Rajasthan & many other parts.

Jattu Engineer, being directed by the Father Daughter Duo, Saint Dr. Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan and HoneyPreet Insan, is already awaited eagerly by the Fans, with just 12 days of shooting initiated by the team. Dr. MSG can impart some real lessons of stardom!! Any takers?