Aarudhra Movie Review

August 31, 2018

After a decent outing in Strawberry, lyric st-actor Pa Vijay is back with a movie that speaks against child abuse. A serious film loaded with revenge drama, it is out to serve a purpose.

A message that is strongly needed for the hour. With newspapers reporting several crimes against women and increasing child abuse, a movie like Aaruthra comes at a right time.

aarudhra movie review

Aarudhra English Review

In short, it is the story of a youngster, who takes vigilante route to punish the criminals who indulge in violence against women and children.

Sivamalai (Pa Vijay) runs an antique shop in Chennai. He has a mission to achieve. He kidnaps few big names and murders them like Vikram in Anniyan. As it happens, after a series of murders, the police seek the help of a detective named Avudaiyappan (Baghyaraj). He begins to crack the case. He finds out that Sivamalai is the reason for all crime.

A flashback reveals why Shiva goes on rampage. It is an emotional story. He confesses to crime and tells Avudaiyappan that he kidnapped all those rich people because they sexually abused and raped a kid.

It is a serious theme handled well. Pa Vijay has done a wonderful job. He has taken up a socially relevant theme with enough punch lines and twists and turns. Bhagyaraj is the stalk and cheese of the movie. He plays his part well including emotions towards the climax.

Vidyasagar’s songs add flavor to the script. Chellama Chellam is a hummable number and brisk background score adds more pep. Cinematography by Sanjay Loknath is good.

Aarudhra Review

SA Chandrasekhar Y Gee Mahendran and Vignesh have done their part well. Yuva who acted as the sister of Pa.Vijay in the film is impressive.

Pa Vijay deserves a pat for bringing a relevant theme on screen and educating masses.

Verdict : Aarudhra - Sharp and strong message

Rating: 2.75/5